Readings with Mediumship by Marilyn


Marilyn will be available again in the shop once we can re-open!  In the meantime, you can contact her directly for a telephone reading at: 

(774) 202-9214 or e-mail her at:

Readings are $25/15 minutes,  $45/30 minutes, and $90/60 minutes.  Reservations are requested, and walk-ins are happily accepted as time allows.

Marilyn Doe

Marilyn Doe

Color-by-Candle Magick with Cynthia & Marilyn


Create a unique candle using your personal power colors and themed materials

Prosperity Candle Magick and other Candle Magick is POSTPONED until further notice


$20 includes one taper candle with glass holder, decorating supplies, AND....

 a mini wax divination reading by Marilyn!  

This is a fun way to get ready for the weekend, season, full moon, or special occasion with a spark!  

INTUITIVE Readings with Lauren Dragon-Cook



$45 for 30 minutes

Pulling from almost a decade of intuitive practice, teachings, and experience, Lauren Dragon-Cook serves as a channel and oracle card reader for those seeking clarity and guidance in life, business, and relationships.  Lauren guides people through transitions by understanding aspects of themselves that they weren't able to witness, while swiftly moving them towards balance and self-empowerment. 

Q17 Energy Sessions with Alice Harwood

Saturday, May 16th 2020 - from 12-4pm - TBA

Experience the unique healing touch of Vermont resident, Alice Harwood, as she once again offers half hour healing sessions in our neck of the woods! 

What is Q17?

Q17 is an energetic process to receive:
"Consciously programmable quantum energetic frequencies of Unconditional Love from Source, as well as the question to all answers in connecting, harmonizing & recovering Multidimensional Aspects of Heart, Consciousness, Will & Body"

What does it do for you? 

A Q17 session can help you attain a greater experience of health, happiness and connection to your own True Self, Life Purpose & Sovereignty.  This level of empowerment requires more compassion, kindness, and greater awareness of greater possibilities as individuals ~ and the world.  Individual results may vary, depending on personal levels of imbalance. 

As a Q17 facilitator, Alice holds space for you to become aware of blocks (created by emotions, trauma, abusive patterns, etc.) and consciously participate in clearing them.  Once this occurs, it creates more flow for subtle energies to balance Mind, Spirit, Will & Body.

$50/person. Reservations and pre-payment required.


Tarot for Beginners

Tuesday, March 24th from 6-8pm ~ $25 - POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

Curious about The Tarot?  Join local tarot reader, Jill Osborn, of The Tarot Emporium

as she teaches beginners how to relate to and with the divination system known as The Tarot!

Learn about the major and Minor Arcana, the Court cards, and the four Suites: Pentacles, Wands, Cups, and Swords. 

With this overview, Jill can give you the basics to get you started reading Tarot for yourself and others. 

Cost is payable in advance by stopping into The Dragonfly Shop.