Readings with Mediumship by Marilyn

Winter Schedule

Saturday, January 5th from 12-4pm

Saturday, January 19th from 12-4pm

Tuesday, February 5th from 12-5pm ~ Happy Chinese New Year of the Pig!

Saturday, February 16th from 12-4pm

Readings are $25/15 minutes,  $45/30 minutes, and $75/60 minutes.  Reservations are requested, and walk-ins will be accepted as time allows.

Marilyn Doe

Marilyn Doe

Monthly Drop-In Astrology Discussion with Celeste Longacre

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Psychic Development Class Series with Martha DAwson

Sundays, January 27th thru March 3rd from 2-4pm

Join Martha and Cynthia for six Sunday afternoon classes (1/27, 2/3, 2/10, 2/17, 2/24 & 3/3) discussing and practicing a variety of methods for personal psychic development! 

Honing our psychic senses gives us the ability to be aligned with our Soul's intentions and desires, and opens the door to understanding the nature of universal reality.  First and foremost, our psychic abilities are tools for our personal spiritual growth. Some people will also feel the call to use them in the service of assisting and empowering others, and this class supports BOTH purposes.  

We will be practicing our skills in a group and building a soulful practice at home to support our ever-expanding awareness of the unseen realms.

The sessions will include: 

-Introduction to our psychic senses and how they work

-Discovering and recognizing our personal psychic style

-Deepening the connection with our Soul mind

-Introduction to and practice of psychic skills such as intuitive reading, oracle cards, mediumship, channeling, automatic writing, psychometry, energy reading, soul to soul communication, etc. (The selection of skills will be determined by the make-up of the participants' innate psychic preferences.)

-Ethics, healthy boundaries, and basic psychic hygiene

-Designing a personal daily practice to support and strengthen the integration of our eternal and temporal selves

-Resources for further studies

-Community of fellow seekers

Class Cost: $210. Pre-registration required.